Peace Stone

Sodalite is a gemstone of peace and is perfect for use as a focusing device when meditating. Simply holding a small stone in each hand while meditating can help your mind to let go of the thoughts of the various problems that present during our day and allow the peaceful energies to flow over you like a silken river.

As a healing crystal, sodalite has historically been used to help level blood sugar in diabetics and to help cleanse and balance the energy levels in the various glands of the body such as the pituitary, thyroid and lymph glands. This also helps to increase the immune systems ability to function as the cleansing spreads throughout the body and allows all of the organs to regain their strength and balance.

Sodalite makes a great worry stone or pocket stone to carry around. Simply have it near you on a regular basis, because the healing affects are believed to be compounded the longer the stone is kept near the person using it.

Chakra: Throat